(With Dan Povenmire)

• Olga Gets Engaged

• Pre-teen Scream

• Sid's Revenge

• Arnold Betrays Iggy

• Career Day

• Cool Party

• The Pig War

• School Play

A great show with a great, big heart, created

by a swell guy named Craig Bartlett.  Thanks for launching my career, Craig!

We did some wonderful and unusual stories, particularly in its first two seasons, but the show is seldom rerun and was never made available on DVD.  That was a crime.  Luckily, Hey Arnold is now available on iTunes.

I storyboarded 19 shorts, including Pigeon Man and other favorites.

(With Tuck Tucker)

• Field Trip

Pigeon Man

• Gerald's Secret

• Monkey Business

• Freeze Frame

• Phoebe Cheats

• Eugene goes Bad

(With Mike Svayko)

• Jamie-O in Love

• Phoebe Skips

• Chocolate Turtles

• Friday the 13th